10 Rules for Conversation Starters

10 rules for conversation starters – for introverts as well as extroverts. Do you find starting a conversation easy?

Just saying a ‘Hello’ and starting a short or meaningful conversation doesn’t seem like a piece of cake, to many of us. Starting a conversation can be a very difficult task to many people and let alone making that conversation interesting. Yet many people come out to be charming and are liked my others for their conversation skills.

rules for conversation starters

To help you out here are quick 10 rules of conversation starters.

Rule 1: Show genuine interest

What happens when you randomly pick someone in the crowd and start being overly interested in them? They either ignore you or call you crazy.

Whenever starting a conversation with a person, be genuinely interested and strive to know them more. When you show interest the other person gets your attention.

Rule 2: Hold onto Positives

Get yourself indulge in positive and meaningful topics. Try ignoring negative ones, people tend to attach a negative image with a person giving such opinions and make a mental note to stay away from them.

Your objective is to have a great conversation and not making people want to run away from it.

Rule 3: Talk not argue

Next important rules of conversation starters is to talk and not argue. Many times we believe debating on a certain issue can make us look cool and take our conversations to next level. Yes it does, but only to make it sour. Talking or conversing is always appreciated above debating or arguing. Talk without agreeing or disagreeing to the discussed issue.

Rule 4: Respect not judge

While talking make a note to respect the other person’s space, opinions and belief system. Don’t judge them or impose your opinion on them. Most of the times a simple remark ends up in criticism and it hurt the sentiments of the other person.

Rule 5: Make them shine

Make them shine doesn’t mean to put them in spotlight but be so genuinely interested in them that they feel good about themselves. The key here is to be authentic.

Rule 6: Embrace differences

While you are rushing to find the common or similar things between you two try embracing differences. It makes a conversation more beautiful and you will find the other person being more attentive to you with full respect.

Rule 7: Be true to yourself.

Don’t voice others views while being in a conversation. Be true to yourself and share your own thoughts.

Rule 8: Be there 50-50

How do you will feel when someone is talking to you and don’t let you speak? Or continuously dominating you and not sharing or convincing you for it? You will be looking for the first opportunity to exit from there, for sure.

While conversing avoid dominating the discussion and do not hold back from sharing things.

Rule 9: Ask questions

If you ask questions like ‘How’s weather?’ or ‘What you had for lunch?’ then please go back to rule 1 and read again. Asking purposeful questions help you know each other much better. Ask questions like ‘What drives you in life?’, ‘What are your current goals?’, ‘How you get inspire in life’?

A meaningful question gets a meaningful answer and become a secret element for ‘rules of a converstaion starter‘.

Rule 10: Give and take

To sum up the whole conversation starter game is learn give and take. Don’t be critical over what other believe or do. Give them the benefit of doubt and take away a great time conversing and knowing each other. This is not-to-be ignored rules of conversation starters.


These rules may look simple but are very important to build you up as a good conversationalist. Practice them and master them.


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  1. Asking questions is the easiest way to take a conversation to next level, the key is to ask great questions.

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