Top 5 reasons why Industrial Training should not be taken lightly

Industrial Training is usually 6 weeks or 6 months program designed by Universities across India as a mandatory part of Engineering and MCA curriculum. Its objective is to provide supervised practical training and bridging the gap between classroom teaching and industry requirements. Though it is required for the skill development of the students many opt to not attend it and rather spend the time as vacations.

While AICTE has recently decided to chop off almost 40% of Admission seats due to rising concern in quality of engineers produced by the country, it becomes important to give it a thought about skipping Industrial Training.

top 5 reasons why industrial training should not be ignored

Why should Industrial Training not be taken lightly?

1. Check out your competition!!

In this competitive age (almost 1.5 million engineers get their degree every year) it is almost impossible to get a good job with just academic qualifications and without any kind of experience. And this is where Industrial Training comes handy! It is thus very important for aspirants or fresher’s right out of the engineering college to choose the right training module according to their career option and also one must choose with utmost care the right organization from where the aspirant should take the industrial training.

Work done in Industrial Training can make a huge difference on your CV.


2. Experience matters.

Industrial work experience is considered as a pre-requisite for hiring by many employers be them MNCs or start-ups in your city. The training period or now popularly known as internship is used by the employers as an opportunity to assess new employees for future employment. Industrial Training can be used by the aspirant as an opportunity to demonstrate his skills and abilities in performing and standing out as a great asset for the organization. It can serve as a convenient pathway for the aspirant to get recruited in the company where they are getting industrial training.

Ironic, every fresher look out for some experience to showcase.


3. Know ‘em first !!

Industrial Training is important for an aspirant as it provides them a sneak peak of how the company works and to evaluate their work environment. It will allow the aspirant a chance to judge if this is the company he would like to work in future or not.

It’s not a one way, and being hired is not only thing you want.


4. Seed for your career.

It is important for the aspirant to make an effort and give lots of thought before getting into the most relevant and effective industrial training. The disturbing trend that has been noticed these days is that either students pick courses for their industrial training as their friend’s choice or look for fake certificates that can be produced in college towards the end of their training. This is disturbing because first they chose the wrong course without having interest in it and end up struggling hard in understanding the basics. Second, if they chose to manage a certificate of completion at the end then it doesn’t help in their CV or in kick starting their career.

Start your journey right, chances are it will be smooth.

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5. Start-up work out

India is hosting new generation of start-up passionate people. They are young, fresh out of college with million dollar practical ideas. These people are not looking for employment but guidance to paint the world red by their own start-up business. They are the budding entrepreneurs.

Industrial training empowers such passionate students with technical knowledge, operations, work ethics and required networking. The student gets to work with professional mentors and at the same time, it gives them an opportunity to build networks within their profession.

Industrial Trainings are the workshops to build a great start ups.


With today’s fast-paced ever changing job market, the aspirants need to stay abreast of knowledge and new technologies. Nowadays companies are placing high value on the industrial experience as a criterion to hire new employees. This makes it all the important for the aspirants to take industrial training seriously and choose the right kind of industrial training and the right kind of company best suited to their needs. It is not about producing a completion certificate and get marks for your degree but building your career.

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