The 7Cs of Dancing


Dancing is beautiful on the surface,  but it takes a lot of effort to look like this.  You have learned dance, mastered the technique, but the recorded video does not look awesome, the way you were expecting it to be. The reason for looking less awesome might be that you were good with technique but missed the style.

Those beautiful dance phases with straight legs, specific and smooth weight lifts or the elegant and perfect arm positions in frame come from following these basics 7 ‘C’s of dancing.

7 Cs of dancing


Your core is the real backbone of your dance (pun intended). It is must to engage your core with every single moment of your dancing. When you are doing a flex, make sure your core doesn’t flop. The beautiful balance and presence your body possess come from your core only. You miss the tone in your core, you miss everything looking good from your dance. This is the first in 7Cs of dancing, that you can’t afford to miss.


Each dance moment, be it fast or a small sequence should be very clean, clear and must be distinct in itself. Gestures make dance beautiful and it is totally worth doing them clearly. Blurred, incomplete or hurried movements into one another look tacky and are equivalent to slurred speech sounds. Every transition moves demands its respect and should be finished in a very clean manner. Nothing will look more awkward than great highlights bit weak transitions.

Clean transactions are part of dancing, never take them lightly. This is just the second in 7Cs of dancing,


Along with your moves, energy should also be flowing through your body, continuously. For example while moving your leg up, when energy is moved from your chest to your hip and then to your ankle and finally to your toe is different than simply moving your foot and bringing it back down.


With all the energy moving through your body, you should be able to complete your movements to their fullest extensions. Incomplete movements feel like a roller coaster, they go up to the peak and then back down on the same side over and over again without going back over.

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This basic C, Control looks easier but should not be taken for granted. Control starts from your mind as an intention and then get translated to the body with a tone. Control is essential for stability, poise and power. Your dance style should showcase energy where it is focussed not where it happens to be.


You are nervous, you might be recalling your choreography or you might be working on synchronization with your team, but it should never reflect on your gestures and dance. Doing tricky moves need effort and concentration but showing your anxiety can ruin the beauty of your dance. Your tense looks will make others tense and thus kill the enjoyment of dance. Showing calmness will actually make you calm and adds beauty to what you are doing.


The last C and the most important. Without having the connection you are just doing the motions and you certainly are not going any far away. Connection adds musicality to the music. Connection gives authenticity with your partner. Connection is the happiness that dance brings. Connection is the soul that makes the difference between a step and a dance.

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