7 employable skills you must have.

You are looking for a job. Your CV is ready and you are well prepared for your technical interview. However, when you are sitting on a chair across the table and facing interview you observe rather some casual questions. The whole interview’s tense moment is converted into a friendly chit – chat session. You wonder what’s going on. Clearly you were not expecting this.

Companies have changed and work culture is much matured now. What was considered as a strict, tensed recruitment process earlier is now changed to a more serious head hunting game.

Here is a must have 7 employable skills, employers look for. These skills are applied to all different industries you are applying for the job and your experience doesn’t matter.

7 skills employee wants


Communication skills top the list. They include the ability to write and concise as well. Employers look for strong verbal communication skills in candidates.

2. Team work

Working in an office is a lot of team work. It makes co-ordination and healthy working environment possible. A candidate with good team work skills promises overall growth of the employee and the company.

3. Analytical

Being knowledgeable is not enough, being analytical is what that counts. Analytical skills bring solid workable solutions to complex problems upon evaluation. These skills help in understanding the wider context of the work employee is undertaking.

4. IT Skills

You might not be seeking a job in IT industry but having basic IT skills is a brownie point. Good IT skills are mostly pre-requisites for job positions. You should highlight your IT skills on your resume if it is your first or second job.

5. Creativity

Even for the most mundane jobs employers look for candidates having a creative side. Creativity brings new methods of doing a task more effectively and speedily. It saves money.

6. Numeral Skills

Number skills are required all the time. Numbers are the way things are seen in the business world. These skills have the potential to help you climbing the ladder.

7. Ethics

Work ethics!! You can be talented, good at work, able to bring business but if you lack ethics or if you are not aligned with company ethics you won’t stand a chance for the job.


So gear up yourself for these 7 skills and present them well in your resume as well as in our interview. That casual chit-chat session is actually a test to know you more and better but the employer. Show them what they need to know, put your best side.

Good Luck.

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