How home tutors should charge their fee?

Very often when we start to teach from the confines of our home or chose to be a visiting tutor for students, the first question that pop in our head is how much to charge them. Is it according to the subject worth or it should justify your hourly worth (or even monthly, in case you are choosy to pick limited students)? Setting up the price is a difficult question. For sure we do not want to charge less and face financial problems for ourselves and also we do not want to charge more that shoo students away. Read on to find how you and other home tutors should charge their fee. If it helps, care to share?

charge home tutor fee

With the rise in working women in our society and the hectic work schedules, parents don’t have enough time nowadays to spend with their children and help them in studies. Also the school syllabus and assignments have become so tough and complex that parents find it difficult to comprehend it. As a result, home tutors are much in demand nowadays.

Maths and Science tutors are the most sought after but there are also demands for other subjects like English, Foreign languages, Economics etc. Now comes the question ‘How home tutors should charge their fee?

Tutoring agency or center / institute charges a fixed fee for their services, plus a registration fee. With home tutors, the rates can be negotiated. The fees of home tutors may range anything between Rs. 1000/- per month to Rs. 10000/- per month.

There are various factors which contribute to the fee of the tutor:

1. Education and Experience

Level of education and experience is a prime determinant in deciding the fee. College students who work as home tutors to earn pocket money may charge less while a certified teacher with experience is entitled to a higher fee. If the teacher is trained and working with children with special care then he can charge even more.

2. Location Matters

Rates can vary quite a bit depending upon the location you are residing in. In large cities where cost of living is higher and even daily commute is time consuming & expensive, home tutors can charge more compared to the ones in smaller cities. Even within a city, rates may be higher in the posh localities.

3. Subject Demand

Other factor to be considered is the demand. If the demand of home tuition for your subject is on the higher side, you may demand a higher fee depending upon what other tutors with similar credentials are charging.

Difficulty of the subject is another criteria to determine the fee. Usually a subject like English or French is somewhat easier to teach than Maths or Physics.

4. Student Age Group

The age group of the student is yet another determining factor. Home tuition for primary students are cheaper than the ones for high school or college students.The fee can also be charged depending on the length of the session and how many days a week you are supposed to teach.

5. Personal Branding

Above mentioned points should be kept in mind when you are demanding a fee for your home tutoring services. However, don’t forget that your reputation as a teacher is also a key factor. If you are not getting enough tuition then it may be a sign that you are too expensive and you should lower your rates. And if you are hard-pressed for time due to over-demand then you can charge a bit more.


Home tutoring is much in demand nowadays days due to a number of factors. Children also benefit from having a tutor to help them out with studies. Deciding the fees of tuition is a key dilemma for many who are starting out in the field of home tutoring. Here is a checklist to help you decide! Work your way out depending upon the above mentioned parameters.

Good Luck !!

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