How to choose a dance school for your kid?

Every other entertainment channel is having its own set of reality shows and dance shows are the most popular ones. People are getting trained for years to get a chance on TV and start their career.

Dance schools differ in many ways. Some focus on only one form of dance whether some offer classes in various dance forms. There are dance schools who give individual training and prepare your kid for a specific purpose, on the other hand some dance schools conduct classes for many dance forms.

Parents are getting their kids into dancing at very early age. Choosing a dance school which lay a strong foundation is important. If you are also one of them and amidst of deciding the best dance school for your child then this quick guide will be helpful for you.

dance school for kid

1. Check the professionalism of the place

To make your kid learn dance and practice it, you should consider the aura maintained by dance school in their premises. Dance needs discipline, focus and seriousness. A professional dance school will persist on your kid’s continued progress in dance. Please check whether the school is too commercial in nature, promoting fun and recreation or emphases are made on giving quality instruction. This is critical to know where dance school is more inclined their annual recital or skill and technique growth in their students.

Visit your short listed dance school more than once and talk to students there.

2. A qualified dance trainer is a must.

Just as not all dance schools are same, neither their dance instructors. The choice of dance instructor you make is crucial for your kid’s future in dance. Bad habits picked up at any early stage are hard to break. Once learned a wrong technique or acquired wrong postures of dancing as a kid, it will be extremely difficult for a kid to unlearn and recover the damage caused.

Make an effort to check out dance instructor’s qualifications. Push yourself to be present in few dance classes by yourself.

3. Dance Flooring

Certain dance steps put stress on bones, joints and feet. It doesn’t matter if your kid is learning classical Indian Dance, hip-hop or ballet, they all come with leaps and jumps. Having a professional well- cushioned dance floor which is capable of absorbing the jump shocks will keep the young bones safe.

Never choose a dance class having a concrete floor. Some dance schools have a portable floor which is also used as a performance stage. These floors are best as they are aptly cushioned and give a non- slip surface to dance.

4. Class Size

Smaller the class strength the more individual attention your kid will receive. It is easier for a dance trainer to teach, monitor and control the class. You can ask the dance instructor, other students or receptionist for the maximum class strength they take.

5. Be clear about your expectations

A quality and professional dance academy will not offer serious classes to kids below age of seven or eight. This age groups learn the basics. A kid’s body is not ready to learn professional ballet or other complicated dance forms.

Set your expectations right before enrolling your kid for the dance classes. You should tell the dance trainer about your objectives whether you want your kid to be an expert dancer, a contestant for a dance shows or you are picking up classes for overall growth of your kid.

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Things become critical when you are picking them for your kids. You ought to be careful and check out everything before you enroll your kid for the classes. Hope this concise list be helpful while selecting a dance school for your kid.

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