How to learn a new technique, more quickly?


Run, run, run – How to learn a new technique, more quickly? Learning new things and techniques is always fun and interesting. It becomes easy when you can remember steps quickly. We spend our efforts in getting perfection in shortest time ignoring the key element – Memory.

Memory is an essential skill, but often we leave it too much to luck.

Here are 7 tips of learning any new technique more quickly and leaving less to your luck.

learn a new technique

1. Watch and don’t do anything.

Learning a language is the most complex skill, yet children do it much faster than anyone else. The right thing they do is that they absorb the language or information from the surroundings before challenging its benefit or their own capability. They never have the intention to split the activity between learning and doing. They simply LEARN.

It is very tempting when learning new technique we want to get it into our muscle memory at the very first minute, we start. This is where we make things difficult. You remember how you learned to make a cup of tea? You watched someone do and later you attempted yourself before cramming the steps. You need to get the thing in your head first before you can use the authority to instruct your mind.

After you have watched and absorbed the routine a few times and can picture actions in your mind, you will then in a better position to get it done through your muscles.

2. Divide in chunks that tell you a story.

You remember how you crammed names of 9 planets in your primary school? My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Names.

It is much easier to remember a sentence with 9 words than a list of 9 names. The same applies for learning a sequence of choreography or flying an aircraft. Most of the times ever technique has a set of sequences that can be easily clubbed in groups. You have to focus on one group at a time and you will master the whole thing quickly and easily.

Studies show beginners are better off starting with no more 3 steps in a go. If you can divide the sequence, in 3 steps, you have increased your comfort level and eased out the complexity in general.

3. Do it slowly

Now that you have absorbed the procedure, memorize the steps, start practicing it but keep it slow. Perform the steps in slow motion. Have you seen, Karate Kid, the movie? Recall, how the kid uninterestingly wore it, remove it, throw it on the floor and then wear it again. That’s the complete Kung Fu sequence and when he do it slowly his muscle memory stores it well.

Taking another example, when you speed read, you remember the ideas but not the words. When you read it slowly you will remember both.

4. Schedule Repetition

To learn a new tchnique quick and retain it for long-term, you have to establish a well-specified schedule of repeating it.
After taking lessons or classes or reading from a book, immediately practice on your own, take some 10-minute break and repeat it again. Repeat the physical activity next day and then again the next day for a week and then don’t stop. Your schedule will help you learn quickly almost anything. Allow it to penetrate in your memory for a brief and then slowly increasing the gap to let it totally sink in.

5. Tag them personally

It is very easy to associate with a technique to specific points from your personal moments. Instead of external cues or instructions, develop cues from your own mind and body. For example, while cooking, instead of going by the clock, you can personal cues like color changing or rough estimate of ingredients, or stir till the time song on radio lasts.

6. Repeat in your mind and body

Repetition is the key. No matter what else you do or not, repetition is a must.

Repetition removes the time you take between thinking of doing something and when you do it. When you have repeated things there is no undue effort to remember which can interrupt the flow of your work. Repetition make you learn a new technique more quickly.

7. Memorize it

Memory is a skill that improves more when you use it more. The more you challenge yourself the more you learn better.

These steps seem simple but if not followed (without a lazy approach) will not be of much help. Commit yourself to actually follow tricks mentioned above to learn a new technique, more quickly.

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