Khan Academy will soon be available for Indian students for free education, thanks to Tata Trust


Some exciting news as reported by The Economic Times in education sector is doing the rounds. thought to simplify the things and bring it to you.

tata trust khan academy

What is it about?

Tata trust has tied up with Khan Academy and is offering free online education.

Why this is big news?

You have seen global markets being diluted from brick and mortar (aka showrooms, shops) to e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. Now it’s the time to extend the education and make it online.

Tata Trust is a shareholder of $109 Billion Tata Group. Khan Academy is an American online portal providing e-courses and is already reaching out to 2.6 crore students worldwide.

Tata Trusts is working in direction to provide world-class education for free in Maths and Science. The courses will be available in many Indian local languages. This is a 5-year partnership where first 2 years will be focused on making Khan Academy’s content available for low-income student in urban cities. The program will be stretched to other remote areas for next 3 years.

What it has for you?

Along with students getting benefit from the resources available, teachers will also get more opportunities. More teachers will be required as content creators and course curators on this platform. This means more work opportunities for teachers, home tutors, students who are looking for experience.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit online American academy started by Salman Khan of Indian origin. It was always free of charge for students or its users.  The website has no ads on it, which ensures a distraction free learning environment. Khan Academy website has its own Android and iOS app too.

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