What is Cosmetology?

As per Wikipedia,

Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatment.”

Cosmetology is the professional skill of beautifying skin and hair and make an individual look good.  It is all about beautification. It is the study of science to make people look good and beautiful. It covers up branches like skin, face, nails, hair and make-up.

Who is Cosmetologist?

A Cosmetologist adorns numerous hats like hairstylist, hair colour specialist, beauty therapist, skin care professional, manicurist, pedicurist, spa specialist or a make-up artists. You can even be a combination of all these.


Prerequisites for Cosmetology Course

Cosmetology is a critical field and much-trained personnel are required to work in this area. Individuals have to go through a formal education and training.

There are two paths to make a career as a beautician or a cosmetologist.

Path 1- After class 10th or 12th (in any stream), do a certificate or diploma in beautician course from any well-established beauty school.

Path 2 – After class 12th and graduation in any stream, you can pick advance diploma in cosmetology and be a certified cosmetologist.

Skills required for a career in Cosmetology

As a cosmetologist,  you can only rely on skills and have to be on your foot all day at work. Some skills a cosmetologist must have are:

  • Creativity – You will be turning a human body into an art.

  • Stamina

  • Dexterity – A well,  synchronized eyes and fingers moment helps to make calculated and coordinate moves.

  • Patience

  • Well Groomed

  • Talkative and Sympathetic

  • Tactful

  • Customer Service skills

  • Business Skills


What do you learn in Cosmetology Courses?

Cosmetology or the or art in cosmetics and their usage is vast and its training can go from 15 days short courses to a complete 1-year advance courses. Every beauty school has their own course designed, but there are few basic yet critical things they all cover.

  • Physiology and Anatomy of skin, hair and nails

  • Safety and Sanitation

  • Sterilization

  • Colour Chemistry

  • Products

  • Beauty treatments

  • Business Skills – Customer Handling, Shop Management and salesmanship


What are the career opportunities after doing Cosmetology courses?

There is a huge demand of beauticians or specialist in this industry, thus the possibilities are endless. Cosmetology line is a very lucrative career option but needs a great portfolio, popularity and experience.  You can get a well-paid jobs at parlours, spa chains, high-end salons in expensive hotels and resorts. You can also try for print, television or film industry. You can also try to go the freelancing way.

Few more options you may opt for – image consultant, reviewer, influencer, write books, create online channels, be a coach and much more.

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