Preparing for a real world: Industrial Training period vs MNC working

Training is the bridge between a student’s college life and corporate life.

Industrial Training as it is widely termed as, is an important and mandatory term in college curriculum. It’s very important time for students, as this time would never come back again where they can learn, make mistakes and some where not liable to the ever competitive corporate world. Students go for training in every field and go for job searching afterwards. But only few of them get a good job though all go for same type of training.

Industrial training vc MNC working

Let’s discuss a routine scenario to understand Industrial training vc MNC working scenario.

Most of the students go for training in ‘XYZ ‘ Industrial training center and complete ‘ABC’ Project. With the submission he is done with coding and supposed to know all about the concepts of project. Now in their interview when they are asked to tell about their technical skills they answer very politely that they have done their coaching from so and so institute and also include that the institute have taught them the theoretical concept and told how this works. Finally they were thrown out!

So where is the difference? A person has completed his training even then he fails to get a job. Is there lack of good trainers or the students themselves are not interested?

These two points are like two sides of a same coin. Let’s talk about these points.

If I talk as a person who is viewing both the scenarios then it can be easily be seen that mass students take training very lightly. They feel they are now very free as there are no many numbers of classes to attend. No assignments to submit, no daily test is scheduled in their daily routine. All they have to do is to attend a two-hour daily class, a project to submit at the end of the semester and to give a viva. After having a life of free bird they dream of a job having good amount of salary. When they fail to get so, they start blaming college or their trainers.

In this whole scenario, let’s now see what they should have done to have a good job in their hands. They should have practiced their basic fundamental skills and implemented them in their projects of their own. Also they should have researched on new trends and technologies in the market. Students of this era run far away from research work. But this is the only reason behind the success of big players of the market such as Google, Yahoo, Infosys, TCS, Mc Donald’s, and many more.

It is not good to blame a student only for not having a good job. There are many students who really work hard for their bright career still they don’t get a good job. There are many reasons behind it. One reason may be regarding his training and polishing. Also they are not able to represent themselves in a fine way through resume and social media like Linkedin or blogs especially.

If we discuss training there are only very few institutes who focus on the practical real word implementation. Most of them focus on the basic concept and a practical view point is always missing. They are supposed to do whatever their trainers ask them to do and they become beings which work only by spoon feeding. Do all the MNCs and corporate require such people to work with them?

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How Industrial Training is important for getting a bright career?

In the training phase,  students should try to come with their own real world idea, they should try to solve a real world problem, should plan it and try to face challenges. They should not rely on their trainer completely. Instead,  they should build up teams and work like they are supposed to do in their upcoming corporate life under their trainer’s guidance. But here comes the main point, all above depends on the institute or campus or company that is going to train you. You should be connected to such set of people where you feel like you are working in a job. All though there are many people who will promise you to give the best training but in reality,  who works on above points are that much low that you can count them on your fingers easily.

They take you a coaster ride of a fairy tale and present themselves in such a way that one is not able to judge them. So a person who is conscious about his career should choose wisely and bloom like a flower.

Prepare yourself well for the real world. You won’t get time again to make up for doing thinking rounds of Industrial Training Vs MNC Working.

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  1. I am a teacher.I agree with your viewpoint.Both ends need to work.Students need to focus on their career and teachers need to explore new advancement in technology.

  2. Nice article.This is applicable to IIT-JEE also.Everyone gets coaching for it.Only few trainers meet requirement and rest are useless,total wastage of time,effort and money!

  3. I wish this could have been posted earlier.You have well said, one should know the requirements and work smartly accordingly.

  4. Seriously your blog has opened my eyes!You have shown me a right path.Looking forward for more such articles.

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