5 steps to be in self- improvement plan.

Life is a four letter word and so is hope that makes it easy for the world to move on.Hope is a powerful one word that manages to carry a tired soul till an eternity. We fall back, we lack somewhere and when we analyse that, we plan a process of self-improvement to make our desires a reality. And then what happens? Do we stick to the plan and achieve results or we give up?

How frequently you tell yourself that you will start being more organized and productive from tomorrow? Or from Monday? Or from 1st of the coming month? And how well you know that you will not be going to do it?

self improvement plan

As quickly as we make a plan, unfortunately, the enthusiasm fades way faster than it. The best of our intentions come down to nothing (no action means nothing).  This is a common thing with almost everybody around you. They will promise to go for a run in the morning only to settle down with a big cheesy bowl of pasta or fries. Now, before you nod in agreement and fill yourself with guilt, know why this happens to the best of us. This behaviour is nothing but the inertia of work we get indulged in and mixed with a bit of our laziness along with the goodness of our very human trait of giving up all desires, despite of having greatest intentions of the world.

Having said that, these are 5 steps to be in your designed self – improvement plan and making your desires a successful reality.

5 steps to be in self- improvement plan.

Step 1. Take baby steps, one at a time

How you break inertia? By making a movement.

Once you get yourself going and moving your momentum will build up and inertia will no longer be an opposing factor. So the first step to start doing is actually to make a start. Want to run for 30 min daily, start running for 5 minutes first. You want to write 5000 words daily, start with 1000 or 2000 first. Start with small targets that are completely doable. Take baby steps and you will be good.

Step 2. Measure your success

Only doing is not much better than only saying. Track your activity and be accountable for that. The laziness in you will take a back seat when you get the pressure from the public or the spreadsheet where you are monitoring your progress. There is nothing wrong for being lazy, at times but instead of dropping the idea of doing it, make sure you do it for a small period of time. It saves you from being off track (giving up on your desires) and add up to your progress.

Laziness is beaten only by the pressure of seeing the result. Measure your result either on some app, calendar, spreadsheet or tell it to your friends on social media. Build the pressure to get things done. You will achieve success in your self improvement plan.

Step 3. Ignore failures

Relax, you are bound to give in the temptation and it is perfectly fine. You do not need to punish yourself up for it. Plan some cheat days and make a room to slip into temptation in your original goal. Planning ahead will make you accept it and move on as fast as you can.

Step 4. Keep motivating yourself

The thing that drives you to put in all the effort required is the thought that you actually want what you have desired for. Find motivation around you that inspires you to do it daily. Stay committed to your self improvement plan.

Step 5. Carry on doing it

So far you are doing well in self improvement plan. Do not stop here. These small steps you make daily add up to a bigger journey. Your goal is collectively achieved in very small targets without making you tired. You have not given up and you will never do.


Albert Einstein has compiled it beautifully in his quote. ‘Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.’

Well, do you know what S means on the heart of Superman? It is hope. Superman came from a strange planet Kripton where S means hope.

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  1. Perfectly Said !!

    The thing that drives you to put in all the effort required is the thought that you actually want what you have desired for. Find motivation around you that inspires you to do it daily. Stay committed.

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