Top 5 Beautician training courses in Chandigarh

Salons are a girl’s best friend. It’s where you go for that relaxing weekend, it’s where you go alone, or with a friend to come out looking nothing short of fabulous. In India, as more and more people are able to afford this luxury, it has become a booming market for all those interested. In fact, the recent years have seen a huge growth in the service industry. To all those interested, below is a list of the Top 5 Beautician Training courses in, Chandigarh.

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1. Cleopatra

Named after the famed queen of Egypt, it emanates an aura of sophistication and elegance, fit for a beauty school. Cleopatra trains its students and allows them to practice their teaching through a multitude of internships. The very fact that it is affiliated with INDIASKILLS tells you that they are not here to play around.

This is a beauty institute that offers a plethora of choices, regardless of your education. The choices are there for every specialization as well as for those who want a general idea of what they are getting into when they step into the world of beauty. The varying duration of these courses also allow for great flexibility as you can take them up whenever you have the time on your hands to further your knowledge and better your skill

2. Lakme

Lakme is known Nationwide as one of the top 5 beautician training courses, Chandigarh as well as in other cities. From hosting one of the world’s biggest fashion shows to styling celebrities, it is a name that evokes a sense of stardom and greatness. From hairstyles to fancy nail art, you could learn how to create the latest Hollywood trends with your very own hands.

Their course also includes teaching their students how to give complete makeovers- wedding and otherwise. Each Lakme salon also has its own training institute where they teach you all their secrets and what could be more enticing that that?

3. Orane

Orane is another international brand with institutions set up all around the world, as well as the country. They Offer various programs ranging from short term beauty courses to proper diplomas, masters and even Ph.D.’s on the subject of beauty, so this is a proper college.

4. Jawed Habib

Not exactly international, this is a brand that perfectly fits the Make in India campaign. While it has now expanded to include London and Singapore, Jawed Habib finds its roots in India. While they have a full variety of short term and long term courses, JH Academy specializes in hair care.

They are a company known to come up with amazing new hair styles and designs. Perhaps the best part of studying at this institute is not the excellent faculty, but the real-life exposure you garner by working in a Jawed Habib salon while training.

5. Zuri

Like most others, this too is a national company. With multiple institutes, it has been in Chandigarh since 2014. While this beauty school might be new in terms of age in comparison with the other beauty institutes on this list, it doesn’t fall short in terms of experience at all.

This is an institute that offers very detailed and specific courses. Rather than the overall training that other institutes offer, Zuri offers specialization classes allowing you to train in the specific area of your interest.

Top 5 beautician training institutes in Chandigarh. You can go back to college or school knowing how to work a straightener or the nail art brush like magic, a wonderful and every handy knowledge. Women today look for more professional services with technical knowledge. Get trained in beautician courses and make a great career.

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