Top 5 paying IT job positions of 2015

Top 5 job positions in 2015 that receive the heaviest pay check in tech industry.

Only 2 weeks left in 2015 and like every year, we are curious to know what kept trending for the current year and what will be the things we should look up for in the upcoming year.

There is no secret that IT industry pay well and engineers are in high demand throughout the year. Close to finishing the final year students mostly dig out job portals to get them high paying jobs and most of the times get disappointed when they find none matching their skill set.

Why not turn the game and gear up ourselves with the highest paying skills?

Here are the Top 5 job positions / skills that paid more than $100, 000 a year as per

Top 5 paying IT job positions of 2015

1. Data Scientist

Big data, Data mining, Structured Data Modelling and Predictive Analytics are the must have skills for a person who wants to have a high paying job in tech industry. According to Mashable reports published on Inc. Data Scientists are the most expensive people in the team and their annual income generally reach 7 figures in INR. To earn this big amount one needs ample of experience but even for entry level, fresher jobs pay scale is really good.

Data Architect

Big Data again!!! You can use your dig data skills for another job position that pay really high – Data Architect.  Data Architect people are also sometimes called as Data Moderator. This job involves work using applied mathematics to create database systems. Data Architects works for constructing storage and design archival systems required for tons of information. Their role is also to improve data transfer between different systems.

Looks like dull and demanding desk job, but as per Data Architects are listed in among the highest 9 paying jobs.

3. Developer, Ruby on Rails

Developers and Designers are always in high demand for the industry, but some developers get paid like a king. One can find the upper rank of developers in world working on Ruby on Rails. It is an open source web framework. Considering US tech market, this job position secures the top most ranking in terms of being highly paid. This is not for entry level positions but in case you are wondering this high scale job position can be secured by you by taking training.

4. Scrum coach

From nearly last decade, tech industry is frequently changing its development models in order to improve efficiency of their work. Scrum has played a major role in streamlining development work and almost 66% of the tech companies have adopted this method. To be a scrum coach you need experience in IT for 5-10 years. This job position demands a Scrum certification.

Now, you get that? No money is made overnight.

5. Software Architect

This is the number 1 position as per the Glassdoor report that gets the heaviest pay check.  Software Architect is the most crucial role in development of a software and the person handling this responsibility designs the whole software works on its development and revisions.

Software Architects can be entry level fresher’s from engineering colleges or experienced people with at least 5 years of experience.


While each of the above mentioned 5 job positions will still be in high demand for 2016, not to mention pay will be great. To catch this opportunity, find the job description companies provide and work on the gap your skill set has.

Good Luck.


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