Top 5 mistakes you should avoid while selecting Spoken English Classes

Good communication skills is a pre-requisite for any job. Many career opportunities are missed because one is not proficient in spoken English. Students are turning towards joining spoken English classes for varied reasons. Some want to improve upon their public speaking, some want to gain confidence in spoken English to clear job interviews, some are aiming for going abroad. And joining Spoken English classes seem like an easy solution. What one forgets is that gaining proficiency in a language is by no means an easy task. It requires lots of hard work on your part and at the same time, one should join Spoken English classes after giving it a proper thought.

Most of the times students get lured by the enticing advertisements of Spoken English classes which promise them guaranteed English speaking skills in thirty days. But does it help? Usually No! Here are top 5 mistakes you should avoid while selecting Spoken English classes:

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1. Not too much grammar

Avoid the classes which lay too much emphasis on grammar. We have been learning grammar since school days, isn’t it? If learning grammar alone would help then we would be a proficient speaker by now. For spoken English, we just need the basic grammar and there is no need to have a detailed understanding of grammar. Then what is the need of joining the classes to learn the same stuff all over again?

2. Is it reading or speaking?

Avoid classes which focus on teaching according to the study material provided. The classes are termed as Spoken English classes but how often does the student get a chance to speak? Teaching strictly according to study material means that the teacher would be doing most of the talking. Do you really think that you can learn to speak English in this way?

3. Is it listening or speaking?

Avoid the classes which focus on ‘learning by listening.’ If you could learn English by only listening then you have so many tools available at your home too. You can watch English movies and English TV channels (think of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, HIMYM or GOT). There is no need to join spoken English classes just to listen to native speakers in their foreign accent when you can do the same at home without paying exorbitant fees of the classes.

4. No FAQ style

Avoid classes that focus only rote learning of a set of questions-answers for given set of situations. You can cram certain answers which may work in some situations but not all. Answering is not communicating, so basically you do not want to give out the same answer every single time.

5. The one that fit your need.

Choose a class according to your level of English. Join a beginner’s class if you are a novice so that you can feel comfortable with the others around you and don’t feel inferior or shy due to your lack of knowledge. Similarly if you can speak English to a certain extent but want to become more polished then go for an advanced level where you can further brush up your skills.

There are numerous institutes in every city claiming that they can teach you spoken English in just couple days. Make a note for these top 5 mistakes you should avoid while selecting Spoken English Classes. Save your time and money.

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