Top 7 blogging mistakes you need to avoid

Last week Facebook has made a major update in their ‘notes’ feature and made it look like blogs on Facebook. This step reinforce the power of blogs in today’s era.

According to WordPress more than 17.6 billion blogs are read by 409 million people online. Every marketer, business person, entrepreneur, start-up guy, work from home moms and artists know what such a huge number means. Many people have made it big in the blogging world whereas many are just starting up. Things are not the same as they were in 2008 or 2010, blogging rules have changed and thus the Not-to-do mistake list has also changed.

blogging mistakes

Mistake 1 – BLOG DAILY


Bloggers should post daily so as to keep people interested, hooked to your content. They will rave about you.

Where is the blogging mistake?

Bloggers are not entertainers. Sure they might entertain you with their content or write ups, but they are foremost content creators. To create a good informative content, they have to do research on their topic, find some facts, prepare a write up, editing and updating it according to SEO, designing the graphics and publishing it. Doing all these activities every single day one after the other will burn them out.

If bloggers start writing daily, they will tempt to adapt some shortcuts – not putting in enough research, writing sloppily or in half sentences or publishing it without editing. At the end these short cuts will result in disappointing their followers, subscribers and readers.

What needs to be done?

Bloggers can adapt regular and consistent practices instead of blogging daily.

Give a consistent 2-3 days break between your blogs. Blog regularly with consistent breaks. This will give them time to put in the required research and compose their blog. On average a it takes 6-7 hours for a copy blogger to finish a blog post.



Blogs should be power packed with certain number of keywords, links for search engines like google and Bing to pick up and get them more viewers.

Where is the blogging mistake?

There is a difference between optimization and spamming. It is important to use proper keywords and links to other websites that increase the trustworthiness of the blog but search engines are smarter than the smartest formula bloggers may come up. Search engines are very advances and they are quick to throw your blog out if they taste spamming.

What needs to be done?

Bloggers should write for end users not search engines. Instead of worrying about keywords and back links, be informative, funny and thought provoking with your content. SEO is important but going overboard will cost you more. Alternatively you can integrate your blog site with SEO plugins, they will guide you how to best manage your blog’s SEO.

Sharing your blog on social media websites is equally important as optimizing it for search engines. Give users easy-to-share buttons on your blog for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media networks. Bloggers should work on how their articles appear on social media networks when shared directly from their blog page.



It is a popular myth that writing a quality blog post with a good length (number of words) will attract more people and make you successful as a blogger.

Where is the blogging mistake?

All the writings on blog are as good as in your personal diary. People should be coming to your blog to make it a masterpiece. Quality is very important but so is marketing.

What needs to be done?

Divide your work hours in writing and marketing. You might like to spend 20 % of your time in writing and then 80% of your time in sharing your blog link. Some prefer to go for 50-50 % time.

Few things that blogger needs to experiment with analyse what works to get them most views. Publish your blog on as many social media platforms as you can. Try posting at the different time of the day and different days of the week.

It is recommended to share your older posts which are evergreen with their content. Older content you picked for sharing should be relevant to current happenings.

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