Top 5 mistakes you should avoid while preparing for government jobs

In India craze for government jobs is endless. The reason being lucrative salaries and job security. But landing a government job is not that easy as there are thousands of applicants for a single vacancy. And then, of course, there are written examinations and interviews to crack. While the written examinations test your knowledge, the interviews aim to test your communication. But it’s not that hard to crack the recruitment examination and interviews. You just have to keep a few things in mind to emerge successful.

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Government Jobs - top 5 mistakes to avoid

Here are the 5 top mistakes you should avoid while preparing for government jobs:

1. Not concentrating on current affairs

A common mistake which aspirants do is to buy a General Knowledge book and mug it up. While GK books provide important places, people, dates & events etc. but they are not up-to-date as far as current affairs are concerned. Newspapers and TV news channels are the best source of staying abreast with the latest happenings in India & abroad.

2. Not going through previous years question papers

Solved question papers for previous years give us somewhat a general idea of the pattern of examination. It’s a good way of practicing for the examination. We come to know what topics are important and how much weight age each topic consists of and thus one can prepare accordingly. No matter how knowledgeable you are, but it is necessary to understand the examination pattern for being well-prepared.

3. No local language knowledge

This comes as a surprise because most of us think that good command and fluency in English is sufficient to crack the examination and interview. But as per new rules issued by Government of India, proficiency in local language is required for all new recruits especially for the ones in clerical cadre. So if the post you are applying for requires proficiency in the local language then you must brush up your local language skills for you may be asked to read/write in the state’s language during the examination or interview.

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4. Not being computer literate

While knowledge of basic computer skills is a must for most of the job nowadays but sometimes you may be given a relaxation where the candidate is asked to acquire required computer skills within six months of joining. In some clerical jobs, clearing the typing test is a must. While focusing on the written examination, many aspirants neglect these other important aspects. The result being that even after clearing the written examination, the aspirant may fail to secure the job because of his failure in typing test or the computer proficiency test.

5. No professional coaching

Most of the aspirants under-estimate the importance of coaching as they are confident that they can crack any examination by studying for it well. A person with above average aptitude level may crack the exam without coaching but professional coaching may help him to score additional marks which make a huge difference as the competition is very high. Professional coaching helps in creating a strategy for the exam and also getting more focused attention on exam specific preparation.

Government Job tarinings

There is a huge demand of Government jobs in India mainly because of the job security and additional benefits. However it’s very difficult to get a Government job as there is a huge competition. For a single job, thousands of applicants with high academic qualifications are there. So it’s very important to prepare well for the Government jobs and avoid these five mistakes while preparing

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