Why it is important to hire a dog trainer for your dog and how you can find them?

Getting a dog is a big step for most of the people. A dog comes with a lot of responsibility to handle. Fortunately there is a lot of information available online so that you can make a good choice but this is not the case when it comes to training the dog. Hiring a dog trainer is a big decision you make for your dog. Dog training can be expensive but it’s a kind of investment in your dog’s all round good behavior. And that’s why it’s important to hire a dog trainer.

Though many people own dogs but very few of them actually go for proper training for their dogs. It’s important to start training for your puppy as early as possible. Dog training is not only important for the dog but a trained dog definitely makes life easier for the owner too.

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Why dog training is important?

Training is important for two reasons

  1. to tackle behavioral issues if any and

  2. to teach the dog obedience.

Behavioral training corrects the bad habits that your dog may have developed which include car chasing, jumping, chewing, climbing on sofa etc. If you do not plan to allow your puppy to sit on the sofa when it’s full grown then do not allow it from the beginning. This will not confuse the dog and he will know his boundaries from the start. Dog trainers know the natural dog behavior and how to satisfy the dog’s natural instincts and the proper exercise for them.

Obedience training aims at training the dog to obey certain useful commands like sit, come, go, heel etc. Never use negative reinforcements for your pet. Instead use positive comments, patting the dog or some food incentive for every obeyed command. Teaching a dog to obey can be quite frustrating and you may have to repeat the commands several times. If you get annoyed and lose patience then your dog will associate training with unhappiness. That’s why you need a professional dog trainer for ensuring a proper training which your dog enjoys.

How to find a dog trainer?

Finding a good dog trainer can prove to be a Herculean task. Just relying on newspaper ads or business cards found at the side table of the vet’s office, may result in a disappointed outcome. Before hiring a dog trainer, make sure that he is professionally certified. You can also request for a trial session with your dog to see the method of training the trainer adopts.


Best Dog Trainers in Chandigarh

Dog Training Point in Sector 38-C,

Chandigarh Dog Kennel in Sector 46-C,

Vivek Kennel in Sector 34-A and

Pet18 in Sector 35-A

The above are some of the trusted names in Dog training in Chandigarh.


You wouldn’t want a dog trainer to do your job then what makes you think you can do his? Dog trainers are certified and they have the experience working with dogs which cannot be substituted by an amateur owner trying to train the dog on the basis of some internet research.

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